It begins

January 13, 2013

The adventure began by Pete’s wife being sick and us having to make due, no worries! The characters (to be included later) were at the local bar in the town of Raveria after arriving from a distant land. They landed in a town named Port Laviathan and proceeded to the small forest village of Raveria on their way to the city known as Burcondale, on their way to adventure.
They were interupted at the bar by a dying Dwarf claiming to be from the north, where is people have mysteriously vanished (ooooohh!). Before dying completely, he gave them a key and requested vengance . They traveled to the north and after a few strange encounters, met with a human, named Steve, making camp alone in front of the Dwarven front gates. They decided to travel with him and eventually traveled north (some more) to reach the secret entrance the Dwarf had spoken of. After defeating a Stone Giant, they encounters a pack of Blink Dogs and fed them jerky. Meanwhile, Steve made off with some of their goods. They found the entrance and headed in where upon they proceeded to fall down a pit trap a bunch. after conquering their greatest foe to date, they proceeded inside the Dwarven stronghold and began to loot from the Dwarven forge area. They encountered a sleeping tiger-man and, after using a detect evil spell, decided to make him less alive. Afterwards, they discovered the sleeping man-tiger was non other than Steve the thieving jerk!


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